Help Swollen Leg Lady My giant 150 pound leg GoFundME Viral Camapign

This is Janice Greene life long battle with Lymphedema. we are advocates for better and complete treatment of LE. we have shared her story to get awareness and the struggle LE patients face. Medical compression garment are not covered by insurance companies or Medicare. the costs run into the thousands per garment.

Janice wears 5 at one time and is not covered by insurance. Janice is having surgery 8.21.2018 to remove 2 of her lobes. we have also made a documentary with Barcroft production. my giant 150 pound leg or swollen leg lady. we are filming right now for a Discovery channel documentary to raise awareness of the proper medical care, establish protocols and treatment of this debilitating disease. to help others understand that being homebound sucks and treatment and education is available, we want to inspire others to seek proper treatment and have a better Quality of Life.

I have spent 10 years + self educating myself in order to give Janice her life back. The road is long and very narrow but with help we can make others aware of the masses who stay out of the limelight and suffer in there homes with no treatment option. We are active Advocates for the Lymphedema Treatment Act (s497).

We also are working with a world class manufacture to improve the use and function of the medically necessary and prescribed compression garments.

We are helping the medical community develop the proper medical protocols for treatment and help educate Doctors, Therapist and Researchers and LE patients.

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