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Ever since I was little, I have loved reading and everything that is books. I remember being in middle school and scarfing down my lunch only to have the time to run to the library and enjoy a book.
When you pick up a good book, you don’t need to go anywhere to travel to a distant land or to read about a boy who saves an entire world from the destruction by The Nothing. I remember wanting books every time the book fair would come to any of my schools, but not being able to purchase any because we had no money to spare.
As I grew older, I chose being a teacher as my career path because I had so many great examples in my teachers. Teachers made be believe I could become something in the world and change it for the better. Teachers that taught me the love of reading.
As a teacher, I have witnessed the discarding of many books every time we begin a new year after teachers are moved classrooms and they inevitably have to get rid of a bunch of stuff, a large chunk of it being books. Many of these books are actually used by some of our new teachers to build their classroom libraries or sold in our school store using money the students earn every time they work.
So, here is where I tell you about my crazy idea. I have an idea that combines both my love of books and love camping/traveling. Throughout the school year, I would like for people to get in contact with me when they have any available book donations. Networking with local bookstores and business owners would also allows me to increase the book donations while still working as a teacher during the year. I would gather donated books and load up my future rv to travel to parts of the country where kids need and want books but can’t have them for one reason or another. I would spread the love of books and reading to kids and anyone that wants to learn.
What I need your help with is raising the funds to purchase an rv/or vehicle in which I will travel to give books free of charge to people that need them. If you were to help me raise the neccessary funds I would be forever thankful. Thankful because not only have you helped my community come together by donating books to those in need, but because you have helped me stop kids that are like I was from wanting a book and being able to have it.
This is only an idea that will hopefully turn into something that will bring me and many others the joy and happiness that only a book can bring.

Mr. O
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