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Hello there!! My name is Shawn brown, I’m not gonna lie to any so that reads this, yes, I am poor. BUT!!!!! I am working very hard to achieve my dreams and I do have 2 jobs currently while also doing side jobs for people. I have had a total of 12 vehicals now and in 16 days I’m turning 21. I’ve paid off 4 vehicals, but every single one has seemed to mess up on me, just as , or just after I pay it off. I’m still in the same situation. I just now paid off my Pontiac g6, and during the process, the entire time I bought this car, it has been messed up. I’ve never gotten to pick out my own vehicals, but today, seeing this truck, I picked my very first one out. And I’m very sad, that I don’t have the money to get this truck, it hurts my heart. I have excellent credit for a 21 year old. I had all the paper work, the only thing I did not have yet, somehow?! Was the income and or a co-signee, I’m simply asking for 18,000$ the truck runs 17,5 and it’s a V8, Z71 my DREAM truck, and get this, my mother passed away when I was 16, god bless her, but her favorite color was purple, and mine was and is red, well in person, this truck is a mixture of both those colors, with only 50k miles on this truck, I’m in desperate need of the money, and help from fellow humans. No one would ever understand how happy I would be if I could have this truck for my 21st birthday. Please, consider this. Thank you!!!!!!