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HELP Send Phoebe to Thailand and USA GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign

Hello, I am Phoebe, I am 16 years old, I am currently in year 11 at Hillcrest Christian Collage, and have been asked to be a part of 2 amazing opportunities, it would mean the absolute world to me if i was able to participate.

– Thailand Mission Trip September 2017
– International Youth Choral Festival in Oregon USA June/July 2018.

The reason I am calling out for your help, is to raise enough money for me to take part in these incredible opportunities, since both trips combined come to a total of $8,500.

My plan to date is to fund-raise by Sausage Sizzles at my local Reedy Creek Woolworth’s. Please feel free to join us on the 9th April, 22th April, and 20th May.
Payment plans are in place and deposits are to be paid each month from now on

$400 per month for Thailand
$850 per term for the USA until May 2018.

A group of amazing school friends and I will be traveling to the Myanmar Orphanages in Thailand, September this year. I wish to be a part of this opportunity because I want to experience another world, meet and make beautiful memories with the gorgeous children, I want to help them build self-confidence and believe in one another. We are also fundraising to supply and help Hillcrest Christian Collage build a school in Myanmar.

The second trip in June-July 2018, would involve me traveling to the USA and performing songs in front of a professional audience, meeting amazing conductors, musicians and beautiful young adults that come across the world to be part of this journey. I would love to be able to experience this first hand with the choir that I have worked so hard to be a part of for the last few years.

This would mean the absolute world to me, but also to my amazing parents and family members that have continued to supported me along the way.

The Hillcrest Christian College has been taking students on the Thailand Mission Trip for years, and now that I am old enough to participate, it will give me many unique opportunities, help others, broadens my perspectives, take me out of my comfort zones, and to empower me. I could only imagine how my personal growth will grow.

After working so hard to achieve my dreams, the dreams have nearly come to reality with the American Tour falling into place, and Hillcrest Christian College being accepted to participate in the Choir Festival. What more could I possibly ask for than to be able to go away on this journey of a life time that I can not miss,

I’d like to personally thank everyone who participates and helps me achieve my goals.

Please share my campaign it would be greatly appreciated.

Kinds Regards,
Phoebe Harris