Help Scarlett Beat Leukemia

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My daughter Scarlett and I were life flighted from our home in Casper, Wyoming to Denver Colorado on June 24th, where she was diagnosed with B-Cell ALL. She is currently undergoing steriods, antibiotics, and chemotherapy that is making her sore, lose her hair rapidly, and spike fevers repeatedly.  To make matters worse we have been told Her and I will have to be here in Denver in housing for at least the next 6 months. Her dad is back home struggling to pay bills there while taking care of her 2 brothers, so they are not able to spare money to Denver related funds. I was laid off before this all happened and so Scarlett and I are struggling to buy groceries, pay co-pays on meds, pay for transport, and simply have necessities. I have finally realized we cant do this on our own. Please help my little princess and I thru this trying time