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After having my first child I landed a job with a local insurance company and instantly became intrigued. I was merely support staff but could envision myself being a claims adjuster. I started studying for exams offered through the company that would, hopefully, lead me into a career. I found out that I was expected my second child the end of that year. I was only able to complete one test, Intro To Property and Causality, and I did so with flying colors. Unfortunately, our families finances would not allow me to place my newborn into daycare so I could continue with my job.

Fast forward 5 years. I am now preparing for my return to the workforce when my youngest starts school in August 2017. I have had plenty of jobs, but this time I want a career. I am raising money so that I can complete the Alabama Pre-Licensing Program and cover the cost of fees associated with obtaining my Alabama Adjuster License.

This amount may not seem like much, but it is well out of our families budget. Any amount will help me reach my goal.