Help raise fund for my future father in law

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Hi everyone, I would like to ask for a little help for my future father in law. He was recently admitted to Makati Medical Center in the Philippines due to heart failure, kidney failure, and is also a Covid19 positive.

Medication for this kind of illness would be a challenge especially to his family. They don’t have much in term of finances that’s why I created this funding campaign, it is least I can do to help them.
We managed to produced some money but it’s not enough to sustain his medical finances. The hospital are requiring us to prepare and deposit an amount of Php 140,000 (3,000USD) in order for them to continue his medical operation. Right now the bill are stacking up and we are hopeless. We’re doing everything to sum up money for his medical expenses.

We are knocking on your kind heart for any help. We need to get the fund going as soon a possible.
We hope that you could help us save his life. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you everyone and God bless us all.

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