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My Best Friend, Benjamin “Ben” Nathaniel B., has severe lupus. Last week he was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach. Today, the diagnostic tests shows he is in Renal failure.

He is 38 years old, his medical years old, alone in Southern Arizona, has been hospitalized for almost a month.

With this being the beginning of a new year, the deductibles of the insurance has began new. Ben has never asked for a dime, but has always helped everyone else as needed.

Today, brought more bad news finding out that his Lupus has become so severe, that he is in renal failure. So many different social workers have spun this in so many different directions, however, the long story short is his “commercial insurance” is paid up, but his treatments have been held up by the lack of funds on his behalf. His deductible is $12,500.

At the appointment with the oncologist today, he was informed in my presence, that “target radiation or chemotherapy is desperately needed, but the insurance has denied the treatment, due to the deductible of $12,500 not being met.”

Two appointments were given to Ben, one was July 14, 2017 (if he has not been able to pay the deductible.)
The other appointment had the office managers phone number to call to schedule treatments immediately, after the deductible has been paid.
**This is where they are NOT refusing treatment, but holding out so long, he will not make it.**

Three hours later, Nathaniel received a call to go to the nephrologist. Where he was told he was in stage II renal failure and needed to be treated, I explained the entire situation earlier. The PA on staff told me about this website.

I am asking you to please make a donation to help my friend, who cannot speak words, but he speaks through his eyes. Plain and simple, I know what he is going through. I wish I had the money to just give it myself. I am begging you, this man has helped every person who has ever asked. Please return a favor, even if you have never met him, he deserves life. He deserves a chance.

He is currently hospitalized in Arizona. No family contact…so if anyone knows anyone in his family please pass this along. Thank you

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