Help our Family owned Shoe & Leather Repair shop

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Hello all. First may I say thank you for donating and taking the time to read this in advance, and I hope all is well in this time of uncertainty. My name is Johnny and I am the owner of Johnny’s Shoe & Leather repair, it is a family owned business and while it’s hard for me to ask for help, under these circumstances I have no choice.

I am seeking your help and donations to help my business stay afloat, I had to close my doors before I was even able to open them; because of all the craziness going on. Before all this happened; I decided to move my little family ran business to a smaller shop in lower Manhattan, so while I was closing my old shop and was about to move into the smaller shop; the order to “close down” non essential businesses prevented me from moving in, so I was force to store all of my equipment at a warehouse where I have to pay the rent and while its at storage I won’t be able to make ends meat.

With your donations I will be able to move all my equipment out of storage and into a new store location when all this is over, I also will be able to hire one to two people and go back to business as usual. I am a small business that believes in treating my customers with respect and dignity and offering fair prices, I believe in my community and helping when possible, with out them I won’t be in business long.


With your donations I will be using them for opening up the new location, paying of some back rent, getting some new equipment and helping my community by hiring one to two employees and I would like to start donating shoes for the homeless, but this is only possible with your donations and support.


I am a cobbler and a leather craftsman my business is a very small family owned business and we are fairly new in our community, I just started operating last year. We do most repairs one all type of shoes, boot, sandals, handbags, be it leather or synthetic materials. Our prices are modest I believe in having good prices and not price gouging my customers, I make sure I go the extra mile for my customers because without them I will not be in business. We do sole repairs, patches, heels, handbag strap repairs, shoe shines, Jean button replacements and patches and we even sell our handmade leather belts, and bags and more.