Help Needed by Grandmother who has been flooded 3 times in her life!

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I am a survivor of 3 major floods in my lifetime, first at age 16 when I lived near Corning NY and Hurricane Agnes wiped out a lot of the surrounding area. Only a few homes got hit the 4th of August, ours being one of them.

Second on the 4th of August 2018, third on the 14th of August 2018. Just 11 days apart, and just after we had gotten most of the muck and mud out of the basement.

As it turned out, I had to leave since I was not part owner of the home. There was no other option but for me to start over again.

I am disabled due to a severe case of FIBROMYALGIA, POLYMYALGIA RHEUMATICA, DIABETES II, TENDINITIS, SEVERAL HERNIATED/DESICCATED DISCS IN SPINE, Along with other immune system and nervous system disorders. Simply stated, I am in a constant state of excruciating pain. I have lived with these conditions most of my adult life, and have never given up on correct diagnoses.

I am raising awareness of my own plight, as well as millions of others who suffers invisibly.
I need a small home I am able to care for on my own, a ''beater car'' to get me to and from Drs appointments and pharmacy visits, as well as grocery shopping.

I am only 61, and I refuse to give up on myself. My goal is to get settled so I can have a little flower garden, a cat or two (one didn't make it through the flood) and room for my grandchildren to spend the night and do movies, popcorn and cooking!!

Not a lot, and when I'm ready, I'd dearly love to work part time!!

I am a former disc jockey for WCBA radio in Corning NY, 911 dispatch/operator, EMT/firefighter/first responder for approximately 20 years, give or take due to my inability to always be able to physically respond.
Recently I was assistant EMA coordinator for the town I had to leave. I did computer communications etc for the borough of NEW ALBANY PA.

Former member of two international award winning barbershop quartets, co-director of the Mark Twain Barbershop Chorus from Elmira NY, and coached/assisted many quarters and choruses throughout the Twin Tiers of NY and PA.

I have a dream. To narrow down the cause of FIBROMYALGIA, and learn how to treat it properly.
My other dream is to serve my God in any way possible.

God bless those of you who are able to help me achieve my short term goal of finding a home, and a vehicle.

Keeping my Chins up!!!! <3

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