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Hello everyone my name is Peace and yesterday my friend Myana was involved in a car accident that left her injured and she was admitted into a hospital. Unfortunately, she has no insurance to cover her and the upcoming hospital bills and car bills. She is currently suffering major chest pains, making it hard to breathe normally, dislocated shoulder and head/back pain. The timing of this accident couldn’t have came at a worse time as she was already struggling financially between college, housing bills and car payments. She also is struggling mentally prior to this and is at the verge of depression. Now we can add physically struggling due to yesterday. We don’t know what is to come after this but I’m asking everyone to add her in your prayers so that she can overcome these battles shes been going through and to donate what you can so that hopefully from here on out, things do and will get better for her. I know she’s close to giving up but I know, hope and pray a miracle will happen and I’m going to get her to fight these obstacles till then. Please and thank you anything helps. Also share and spread the word. Greatly appreciated.

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