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First off my mother is legally blind and because of medical circumstances lives in Wi almost 4 hours aways from me, I am trying to help her with medical expenses and living expenses and also I am trying to save my home (which I finally was able to buy 3 years ago my very first home ever)

I was almost on the right track after losing my job after 16 years and my mother acquired liver cancer who lives 4 hours away from me, two months later, she now has pancreatic cancer and started chemo treatments, the $ I need for my payment (I filed a bk 13 repayment plan to save my home) is partially being used to help support my mother who cannot move with me due to the fact her doctors are in Wisconsin where she lives.

I just need to save my home so that I can help my mother, the majority of what I raise will go to helping situate my mother, I am just under 5 thousand short on making my home savable by August 11th according to the mortgage company that is being absolutely no help whatsoever

. I am very embarrassed even coming on here to try and raise money. I have raised both children alone with no financial help and just am praying somehow someway I can keep my home. I am also praying that I can be as strong as my mother has been my entire life and that I can honor her as well as be by her side for her fight!

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