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Hi all, my name is Josephine Ocansey and I would like to share my friend’s story with you. Hope it touches you as much as it touched me.

This is her story:
“I am a wife and mother of 1 and also expecting another. We were so excited about meeting our new addition in the coming months, so thought it would be fitting to plan a holiday. We decided to go to Faro in Portugal, where we were having an amazing time until the fourth day into our holiday, our lives changed forever. Early Thursday morning (13.10.16) in our hotel room, I went into intensive labour. I didn’t believe this was happening. I went to the bathroom thinking maybe I’m just having braxton hicks until my husband heard me in pain in the bathroom. The pain became intensive, so I asked him to call the ambulance. 6:05am my waters broke, 6:15am I felt my baby’s head, 6:17am I held my son and carried him into the world. I heard him cry, but he struggled after a minute and was still be attached to me. The ambulance arrived to see the baby, they cut the cord and tried to save his life. They rushed my baby away and took me in a separate ambulance.

My husband and daughter had to follow separately behind. I arrived at the hospital with nobody and no one spoke English.Although still in shock and horror, all I really wanted to know is where my baby was. I received stitches with no drugs and hospital care with no “care”. It was a nightmare.

Finally, my baby arrived and i hear that they had to reanimate him in the middle of road as we nearly lost him.I finally got to see him with my husband and they told us that they need to transfer him 2 hours away to perform surgery as he had an abnormality to his bowel.Once again I couldn’t go with him. Things are very different to what we’re used to in England.

The next day after leaving the hospital, I, my husband and our daughter had to transport ourselves to Lisbon where our son had his operation. They also wouldn’t cover the cost for us to travel to Lisbon.Thankfully the operation was a success and our son is just recovering at the moment.

The Doctors and nurses are saying we will be in Portugal for at least 4 weeks before he can be discharged.Now we’re praying for a speedy recovery so that we can come back home.

At the moment we are trying find accommodation, food, and get by with travel. It’s very hard out here so any little help will be much appreciated. Hope to be home soon to bring back our Portuguese souvenir”.

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