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Hi I’m Hazel Lopez currently living & working in Ontario, Canada, I’m originally from the Philippines & my family is living there. I’m here to help my brother raise funds for his debts & small cafe.

My brother’s name is Leo Angelo Lopez, he started a small cafe at my parents’ house in a small barangay (community) almost 3 years ago. He is also a father of 2, my niece is now 8 years old, he named the cafe after her (Cafe Le Ayana) and my nephew is only 1 year old. They serve meals & beverages between 35 php – 100 php to make it more affordable. Their customers are mostly college students & they are the only reason why the cafe is running, without them there is no profit. Their community is like a “ghost town” without the students. They are forced to close every semester break because there is no income. He also pity their employees because of having no work during sembreaks and an unfit kitchen & equipment to work with. They still have unpaid debts and their funds is just enough to make ends meet. They have no budget to fix their kitchen & upgrade their equipment.

Would you consider donating any amount to help my brother?

I hope that you can help my brother pay their debts, renovate their kitchen & upgrade their equipment so that they can make their employee’s work easier & give a better service to their customers.

We thank you in advance for your support! Your donation is greatly appreciated.

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