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Help Mommy Norlinda Beat Cancer Best GoFundME Marketing PR Agency

Hi I’m Mayumi, Please hear my story out. My best friend, Naomi’s mom, Aunt Norlinda, was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. She is a single parent working overseas to provide for her children.

She was fighting this all on her own with no one at her side. She doesn’t make much and could only afford one month of treatment and had been discharged from the hospital.

She had used up all her savings for her treatments and is now pleading for her life. She is a mom who hasn’t seen her children for 8 years and wishes to at least come home to them. Please.

If you can help her in anyway, no matter how small, it would be GREATLY appreciated. We want to bring her home to her family and help out with her treatment. Help mommy Norlinda in seeing her kids and beating cancer!