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Help mom get better care at home

Jennifer Cortes Help mom get better care at homeMy name is Jennifer. I am the caregiver and daughter in law of the older lady in the picture. Her name is Montserrate and she’s 75.

She is the reason for me making a go fund me page. I’ve been her caregiver for the last 7 years with little or no help besides my husband (who works full-time), my 11 year old son, and my mother who helps out so i can run errands. (And she has 11 kids that do little to no help to help her.) That’s the gist of my help. My mother in law needs 24 hour care. even for the most simplest task you can think of I do it for her. And i do it all willingly. But it all has taken a toll on my back especially when i have to lift her daily multiple times a day. She weighs about 140lbs and doesn’t have control of her body due to a stroke 10 years ago so it doesn’t make it easy to carry her. So when we bought our house in April 2015, i thought that i would have enough space to use the equipment i need to take better care of her, than what we had in our apartment. But i was wrong. Once we moved in we realized that we needed more room to take care of her. We need close to almost 45,000 dollars to do the full adaptation on our home for her care.

Now we qualify for 30,000 loan and now we are short the other 10-15,000 and need YOUR help!


Its alot of money to get together in a short time. I am not a person that likes to ask for help, but this is not for me its for her to get the better care that she deserves. And I want to see her live longer than she would in a nursing home. I do for her what i have to because of her, my son is here today. I was a new inexperienced mom and i didn’t realize that my son was choking on spit up and if it wasn’t for her (at the time she was suffering from alzheimer/dementia) telling me what to do my son would have died. I am forever indebted to her for what she has done for my son. So i make it my goal to provide the best care i can for her as long as she needs it. So by getting the needed addition added on to the house will make providing care to her better and safer for her. She deserves this and so much more than I can do on my own. Please help any bit helps.

Thanks for your time and donations.


Jennifer Cortes2 Help mom get better care at home