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Well, I was given some places to call and see if there was any ” magic funding ” somewhere.. there wasn’t.. but Ah hell, this just keeps with the positives ..things like If you do not have the funds to make a donation, then maybe a ” share ”   if you will, and That’ll work just fine.

Please Support my Campaign

So here’s the honest truth of why this page is here, and why I need donations, or shares ,THIS IS NOT A HAND-OUT , IT’S A STEP UP TO GO BACK TO WORK .. I am very much wanting to be employed, it’s not a lot of fun here, and I just want to be able to afford myself, but I need the Diabetic Shoes ,please.. these are my feet, my ugly club-foot, in pain feels !

And this is what I am using for shoes now, a beat up old pair of Walmart shoes with my old diabetic insoles in them, in short, let’s just call them my ‘ weeble-wobbles, as you can see, There’s nothing fake here , And there’s nothing Fake about 17 wks. of being medically unemployed, because I was not able to wear shoes, No employer is going to hire anybody that wears these.. I could go to a emergency room, and hope that I cross the $699 ‘ medicaid ‘share of cost ‘ line , but I’ve done a good job of staying on track with my Diabetes and, I’m just not sick enough and too damm healthy to waste time in a emergency room

Yes, this is more proof that everything you see in these post is Real , Honest and the whole truth..

THANKS TO THE DONATIONS, $76 WAS USED TO BUY THE STARTER FOR THE TRUCK , that is part of this campaign, Shoes #1 ,Fix truck #2 , 17 mo. of back-bills #3, this campaign won’t do much about all  things that come with 17+ weeks of unemployment, it’s going to take a job and a few paychecks time

Please Support my Campaign




Please Support my Campaign

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