Help Maggie Get a Wheelchair and Dental Work

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Five years ago, Maggie Bossow was diagnosed with CRPS, a neurological disease that causes intense pain and has no known cure. Three years ago it went stage 4. Now she goes for days, and sometimes weeks on end feeling as if she’s on fire, with no relief. At times, she’ll feel like she’s freezing even while wearing multiple layers and with the heat up to 90. The pain gets so intense that she’s cracked her teeth from clenching her jaw.

Though normally a woman who loves nature and walking for miles, the CRPS has made this almost impossible. It’s caused weakness, muscle cramps, and swelling in her legs that make it difficult to even get out of bed during pain flares.

We’re asking for your help in getting Maggie a new electric wheelchair to help her so she can not only maneuver around her own home, but get outside and enjoy the fresh air again! We’re also asking for help with paying for much needed dental work to correct the damage caused by the CRPS.

Anything you can give is more than appreciated!

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