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Please assist me in gaining sole custody of my three daughters (Skyë, Belinda and Shevaun) I would like to relocate with my girls to another country, where we may have better opportunities and a safer environment for my children. Many of you may not know the statistics of violent crime in South Africa and I prefer not to go into detail here however Google can provide at least a glimpse should you feel inclined to perform a search

Currently I have joint custody with my ex, who does not contribute financially nor in any other way. Their father has also no interest in their wellbeing and has seen them six times in the last five years. Unfortunately I am unable to contact their father even in cases of emergency, as I have no idea where he now resides. This in itself is a major concern for me as most medical emergencies require both parent’s consent.

I am able to support my girls, as I have in the last five years, however in order to relocate, I am facing a legal process which I am appealing for assistance due to the high cost.

Please be assured that every donation will go exclusively towards the legal process and proof of these expenses and payments will be posted as updates. Should one wish to receive proof of the process prior to donating, I will be able to supply details, i.e. Lawyer contact information etc. One can verify my lawyer’s practice and the cost of the legal process.

I am even willing to work in the evenings on my computer in lieu of financial assistance. I am desperate to gain independence for my girls and I.

Please help me give my children all the opportunities that I am able.

Should anyone wish to contact me or submit any queries, please mail me on

Many thanks

Cheryl Davies (nee Helberg)