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Hello, my name is Sierra, and I am a cosplayer.

I need the money as soon as possible, I dont know the actual date, which is why I say this. I apologise for the inconvenience. The original price of the cosplay did not include shipping, so I added a bit extra, to the total, just in case.

I am in major needs of funds for my cosplay.

It is for NyanCon, at Lakeland, and if I can get funded fast enough, I can go as my favorite character in the Sentai series! ♥ Or for Halloween and comiccon.

I find this important to me, like all cosplayers, its more than just a costume, its a form of art, and anyone who cosplays will tell you the same thing. (I have never met a single person who has donned any kind of costume, and never felt like the character even the slightest, in any way.)

Now, I bet you are asking: “Why NeziBuru?”

I can answer that as well, I just REALLY love the character, he is insane, sadistic, one track mind, ruthless…LOVE the character, I even RP as him on FB.

He is also important to me, cause in RPing as him, I stave off Cabin Fever. All my anger, sadistic tendencies (we all have that, dont be condescending to me…), and insanity, can be put through a healthy outlet, an outlet I wouldent have without this character. Without him as an outlet for RPing, I would most likely have punched my own family black and blue from said Cabin Fever. (Which is normal in my family, we arent exactly the peaceful type….We rough-house a LOT, its normal to punch one of us in the arm as you pass by us in the hall, without reason, for xample.)

I know it may not seem important to you, and this is the first major cosplay I have ever done that required help with funds. (Last year did Phoenix Wright, it was a success.)

But I ask, not as a cosplayer, not as some random person online, I ask, as a human being and friend to all, to please help me reach my goal.

Help me spread the word.

Please, I ask from the bottom of my heart, to help, you dont have to, but, it would be REALLY appreciated.

For Character information, please use this link.

I hope for some help, and thank you for reading this, for your help, or your consideration.

Please, and thank you.