Help Free Wellington and bring Awareness to Wrongful Convictions

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Please help Wellington Rosa raise money to hire an investigator and an “effective” lawyer this time as he works on exonerating himself since the system has failed him in many ways and times. Imagine spending over 20 years in the prison system for a crime you did not commit? It is long overdue that justice be served for Wellington and his family.  The jury acquitted him of being  the person who committed the crime and despite evidence  of his whereabouts at the time the crime occurred, witnesses and an alibi he was convicted. Sadly, Wellington was not properly represented by his attorney at the time. He had ineffective counsel and his lawyer took advantage of a family that was desperate to help their son prove his innocence. Wellington and his family trusted that the person they were hiring to help knew what he was doing and had his client’s best interest in mind.

Wellington Antonio Rosa is 42 years of age and has already served 21 years on a double life sentence. At  age 20, he falsely claimed to have committed a double murder under extreme psychological pressure by detectives. Detectives led him to believe that he was being framed by individuals who law enforcement allegedly knew were responsible. Detectives also motivated him to provide testimony in order for them to protect his family from the alleged perpetrators. Moreover, detectives told Wellington that his cooperation would result in a more lenient sentence. Yet of four codefendants, two are already out and another will max out his sentence in a couple of years. Wellington received the harshest sentence although he was acquitted by jury of being the shooter. Wellington is sentenced to die behind those fences for two murders he did not commit.

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