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Help End Poverty In Paraguay GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Hello my name is Ramona Morrow. I am the person who started this Go Fund Me page.

I have a sponsored child named Alberto. Alberto is four years old who lives in a small village in Paraguay. Alberto lives with his aunt because his mother had to leave the country for work. The village is very poor. I want to help provide all the village people with the following items listed below.

My goal is to take one village at a time to help the people have the necessities to live a normal life. Every person should have a blanket to keep them warm when they go to sleep, teach them to grow their own vegetables to eat or sell, show them how to make crafts for them to sell so they can provide for their family,

I have sponsored Alberto for the past year. Alberto is a very special little boy. I have sent Alberto story books, educational books, flash cards, coloring books and stickers. He is so happy to receive them and he shares them with his classmates.

I plan on visiting Paraguay in September of 2017 to oversee that the items are purchased and given to every person in the village, young and old. A friend of mine is going to accompany me to take pictures and videos to document every second of every gift given and the stories of those whom you have helped! Thank you so much for your donations! Let’s get building!

By donating your gift will be making a real difference that saves and improves the lives of children and families in need. Any donation you give can create sustainable change in the lives of those villages in Paraguay who need it most. I ask for your donations of any amount to help change a child’s life. Every bit helps!

All funds collected are divided and spent amongst:
– Warm Blankets/person
– Shoes and Sandals/person
– Bicycle (helps to get vegetables, crafts etc. to the
market to sell or take children to school instead of
– Mosquito Nets
– Hens and a Rooster/family
– Two Rabbits/family
– Sheep/family
– One Goat/family
– Flock of Goats (one male & two females)
– Girl’s Hygiene Kit (soap, dental supplies,
supplements and wash basin)
– Anti-Malaria Medicine/person
– Healthy Start for a New Mom and Baby (will provide
expectant mothers with prenatal vitamins, checkups,
vaccinations and education about infant care)
– Child’s Health Bundle (provide a child with access to
vaccinations, medicines, nutritious food and clean
– Motorcycle Ambulance/community
– School Supplies/student
– Schoolbooks/student
– Sports Balls (soccer ball, basketball or volleyball)
– Sack of Rice/family
– Fruit Trees
– Moringa “Miracle Tree”
– Vegetable Garden Seeds
– Eco-Friendly Stove

Share-In Projects:

Whoever donates for the Share-In Projects your name will go on a small plaque attached to the Borehole Well, Sanitation Facility or Rainwater-Harvesting Tank so the community knows how much you cared to help build this for them.

– Borehole Well/community $250
– Sanitation Facility/community (latrine, septic tank or
wastewater management system) $150
– Rainwater-Harvesting Tank/community (provides a
safe system to collect and store water) $175

I can not do this without your support. You can make a HUGE difference for every family in need. Every penny you donate will go towards this project. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated and will be put to great use!

Thank you so much for being apart of my project!

Ramona Morrow
Founder, Alberto’s Dream Project for Paraguay

Help spread the word!!!