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Hello. My name is Da’Mario Smith and I need your help. I am in ICU at Children’s Mercy in Kansas City. I have been here for weeks, and it is getting harder for my family to come see me every day. Gas prices keep going up and my parents are having a hard time affording fuel to come see me from Independence.

It’s been difficult for my folks to keep earning money when they worry for me so much and I keep coming back to the hospital.

You see when a was littler than I am now my twin brother and I both caught RSV. Sometime in the night I quit breathing. My brother yelled and yelled until mom and dad came to my rescue. At Children’s Mercy they had no idea how long I was without oxygen and it has led to all kinds of problems.

I have super thick glasses and asthma, even with breathing treatments bad air days get very scary. I am not able to run and play like my brothers and sisters do, my arm and leg braces get in my way. Oh yeah, and I have these yucky seizures that shake me all over and make me awfully tired.

Is there any way that you can spare a few dollars to offset the cost for my fambly to continue to visit me every day? I do so much better when I can hear them in the room with me. Thank you.

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