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My name is Jinnah, I am a 30-year-old who loves gaming as much as the next person. Gaming for me is like an escape from the reality of my situation. On May 20, 2014, I had my Back Surgery to remove a Cyst that was found in my spine from an MRI Scan. I was in an Accident that had occurred when I was 19 and I didn’t take into consideration that it would effect me badly. I’ve been in this wheelchair for about 3 years since the surgery, I have Therapy twice a week.

I decided one day to Pick up Streaming I love playing games and I thought it would nice to share my experience on Twitch. I know it sounds a bit boring, but there is nothing really I can do, not doing allot of the things I used to do can be depressing when you go from walking and running to sitting in a wheelchair for 3 years and god knows for how much longer.

I would love to be more versatile with what the games I play on my stream. I’d love to do so many things for my stream honestly. I’m currently on a fixed Income with SSI so I can’t build my computer or the proper setup I need for the stream I would currently like to have. I have a 7-year-old computer that is hanging by a thread and I would love to continue doing this as much as I could, for as long as I could. Make a name for myself taking whatever is given to me and give twice as much in return. 2000 that I’m asking for is not just for the computer it’s for the setup the Pc, the desk better streaming equipment like mic headset, cam and designs and graphic for the stream.

It isn’t much else I could say that would help me get where I need to get but to be honest of my situation and hope people would hear my cries and lend a helping hand. Thank You for taking the time to read my story.