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Help Bryton Brien Medical bills GoFundME Campaign Viral Marketing

Help Bryton Brien medical bills (Bryton Brien)

Bryton Brien, 19 yr old son of Tammie Vail, was injured on September 24th in a four wheeler accident at The Desert in Bismarck ND and sustained a severed spinal cord and spine injury as well as several fractured ribs another fracture in his neck at C2 a fractured mandible and also a severe Head/brain injury .

He is going to require a substantially long hospital stay and considerable Therapy and Rehabilitation. Tammie’s home will need to undergo much remodeling to allow for the accommodations Bryton will eventually need to come home and have a sustainable life once out of the hospitals and to make the home wheelchair and handicap accessible. There will be several things essential to this including a wheelchair, widening doorways, a ramp, Bathroom remodeling and fixtures to accommodate his needs and a special bed most likely along with lifts to assist him in transferring from one to another.