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Help Broke & Homeless Man to Buy a Small Farmland Generosity Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Hello, my name is Tanapon from Thailand.

Our small family-run business got cheated and we became homeless

4 Years ago our small family-run business got cheated by our very own clients leaving us over USD 168,000 debt as our clients took our products and never paid us the money. My father passed away from hemorrhagic stroke caused from high stress and distress due to this debt.

After his loss, things started to fall apart. I and my mother became totally broke during the time I just graduated from the university. We had to sell our only house, car and all our assets (that were legally hard-earned) to close this debt. We became homeless overnight.

We used all our last savings for sueing the clients though the case seemed to progress very slowly as they have powerful lawyers and policemen with them. For the past years, my mom has been working as a truck driver ever since (more than 12 hours of driving and loading about 1-2 tons of goods into the container by hand every day). I currently work Monday-Friday as a full-time employee in an office and spend my weekends helping my mom to drive the truck and carry the goods, no days off.

We lived in the other’s place for a while and then we moved to a cheap apartment in the slum in Bangkok then got evicted as we didn’t have enough to pay. Currently, we’ve been moving in and out depending on whether or not we have made enough money for the month

I am a hardworking man and our family used to participate in many charity work and help a lot of poor people. This is our first time ever to ask for help as we can’t make enough money to support ourselves, let alone our dream to get back in shape!

Please help make our dream come true

We don’t dream big. We only hope to buy a small piece of a cheap country side farmland in Kanjanaburi province in Thailand and gather enough money for our small self-sufficient farming project and build a small earth home for me and my mother and a few other earth homes on the remaining area for the local tourists to stay overnight just to earn enough income to feed our family.

We do not give up yet. We still hope and pray that this cruel nightmare will end soon and that we will finally have some peace.

Make an action now!

For everyone that is reading this article, Every donation will help us a lot

Please donate to us and help us the share this page and spread our story to your friends and family.

We thank you so much for your good deeds and great support!

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-Feel free to send me a Direct Message (DM) for any further information.

P.S. (For your Information) – Pictures of the piece of land

The land is located in Kanjaburi Province (3-4 hours away from Bangkok, Thailand). The land is in the rural area. It’s near to the foot of the mountain. Due to crazy pricing of condominium in Bangkok, we won’t be able to afford to buy any lands or room unit in the city. However, we are able to find cheaper land in Kanjaburi province but we must get the land fast as the land price in Thailand usually increases from time to time.

Every donation will be used to pay for the land, cultivate the soil, build a small road to the land, dig a well for farming, and build a small earth house for self-sufficient living.