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Help Baby Troy he Needs a Wheelchair GoFundME Promotion

My beautiful nephew was born January 2015 and 3 months later he ended up in hospital with seizures, bleeding on brain and behind eyes, as well as broken bones and multiple strokes. It was clear he was a result of Shaken Baby Syndrome. He spent months in hospital and continues to have doctor appointments and long road ahead.

At 20 months now. He is about a 6 month old. It is likely he will never walk again, feed himself or do anything a child should be doing at his age. I made this page because the wheelchair he needs is over $1700 .He is in his grandmothers care now and has come a long way thanks to her care but unfortunately not being able to work as she has to provide round the clock care to him, it becomes difficult with finances.

We are so grateful for anyone who donates. Please lets try to preserve this beautiful boys life.