Help Achieve My Dreams And Kickstart My Career

Hi everyone, 
I am Onogu Abba Emmanuel. I am a Nigerian. I am 19 years of age and i am an aspiring filmmaker. I come from a part of the world where funding kills dreams and aspirations. This affects youths like me and it bothers me so much.  I have dreams of being known all over the world as a foremost filmmaker. I also aspire to use filmmaking to touch the lives of different people all over the world world especially the less privileged and marginalized. If my dreams come to pass i will start a free Academy for youths interest in filmmaking. I start working towards turning this dream to reality by either attending the New York Film Academy or the London Film Academy. A breakdown budget  of both academies would be provided below. l  have come to this platform to help me raise funds to achieve my dreams and aspirations. I appeal to everyone that sees this to help me out. I will be extremely grateful and I promise not to forget the helping hand extended to me. 
I would really appreciate it if i could get above the 8000 USD. It would enable me get a laptop and my own dslr. Thanks in advance.