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We are a group of Mothers who came together on Twitter and share a common goal to help others and help decrease the legal abuse that happens in the North Carolina family courts. Legal abuse disproportionately affects women throughout the state, but we understand that this happens to men as well and we would never turn anyone away due to gender.

Our focus will be on:

· Partnering with attorneys throughout the state with positive reputations and a willingness to work on a flat fee basis

· Assistance with writing legal documents, understanding and interpreting laws, and planning legal strategies

· Build a support network to help get through the emotional turmoil that comes with Family Court

· Resources to help children cope with the stress that extensive litigation puts on families

· Create a group of “Court Watchers”, for Family Courtrooms, and publish their reports

· Track appellate decisions and watch for trends

· Randomly audit Family Court cases, throughout the state, and publish the findings

· Track the current policies and the effects they are having on citizens of the state

· Research scientific reports and policies of other states to develop practices that should be added and/or eliminated. Present our findings to state representatives in a clear concise manner

· Develop training programs for Court Professionals to help them make the best decisions based on scientifically sound evidence

We need your help, so we can help others in situations like these:

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