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I hate doing this. I am not one to ever ask for help, and am usually the one helping other people, but this is very important to my family and I’ll do whatever it takes to make this move a reality.

My husband and I moved away from Georgia with our 6 kids seven years ago for work.
We currently live in north Idaho, where we have no family or real friends.
My husband was recently offered and accepted a job where he can work from home, which means he can work from anywhere with Internet.

This came at a time when he learned his only surviving family member, his brother down south, suffered from a major heart attack and is in poor health. I have also recently found out that 2 of my sisters are in poor health, so we decided we need to be back near family before it is too late.

We feel our kids are missing out on having family around. All of their grandparents on both sides have passed and all they have left is their aunts, uncles, and cousins. My youngest child had never met any of her aunts or uncles and my second youngest was too young to remember any of them.

Personally, I have also been in poor health, and have also been suffering from depression due to not having any family or friends around for so long. My husband and I have had zero social life. It’s just work, home kids every single day.

I love my husband and kids but desperately need to have other family and friends to talk to.
I believe my husband feels the same way.

We have secured a home in Georgia, which is where all of our ‘extra’ money has gone, but getting there will be the hard part. We cannot afford movers or even a uhaul truck. Even if we could afford a uhaul we do not have an extra driver to drive it across the county.
We will be traveling in 2 different vehicles since we can’t all fit into one car. We will be moving only our clothing, and personal property that can’t be replaced.

That being said, we will have to replace all of our furniture, and household items when we get there.

The most important items being beds for the kids. We have no issues with buying used and won’t be looking for anything fancy.

The trip will likely take 6 days and we will need to get 2 hotel rooms each night in addition to gas and food.

We will greatly appreciate any help to make our trip home to family successful. Every little bit helps.

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