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Hi, My name is Emmanuel and I am an Australian and I am a structural engineer. I need your help to assist a remarkable young gentlemen living with a disease called Charcot Marie tooth.

Very briefly, Charcot Marie Tooth disease is an inherited neurological disorder, and affects approximately 1 in 2,500 people. Usually begin in early childhood or early adulthood. The disease is widely unheard of and is currently incurable. The current & only treatment is surgery, physiotherapy and permanent bracing. The positive side of having the disease is it does not affect life length, mental capacity or intellectual.

Please view attached video which explains some of the symptoms & examples of CMT.

A childhood friend of mine has CMT since he was 10. His family and extended family did not want his details to be revealed online. So I cannot reveal his name and respect his families wishes.

However, I can say he originates from Spain, Lives in Perth Australia, married with 2 beautiful children and used to work as a Graphic Designer for a printing company.

Due to his funny walk, he had special custom shoes, leg braces and muscle weakness. He was bullied at school, teased by one teacher. He stayed positive and tried everything he could.

After 56 surgical procedures 1999-2003 totaling 8 surgeries, 372 days missed from school, 16 weeks in a wheelchair, nails & screws added to his legs & feet, nonstop physiotherapy & hand therapy he started to walk with a slight limp and a foot brace.

Currently at age of 35 his condition worsened and has now lost feeling in his feet & hands. They are now permanently numb. This led to him loosing his job, depression which led to Diabetes and extreme financial trouble. Mobility has weakened to the extent a wheelchair and home construction is required to accomodate.

He is trying to maintain his pride and dignity by staying positive (cultural thing). His wife however, stressed concern to growing bills, living off welfare and credit card, bank about to forclose on their house due to delayed mortgage.

Hence is why I am here, with funds donated the following with be paid:
$3,000 for new ankle brace, shoes, walking support
$4,000 for new wheelchair
$20,000 construction & equipment to allow wheelchair access to house
$75,000 assist with Mortgage (approx 20% of current mortgage owing)
$10,000 assist with credit card debt, child care, medication & other bills.
$20,000 donation to C.M.T research in USA, UK & AUS.
Any additional funds will also be donated to C.M.T research.
The sooner the funds will be available the better for him and his family going and with a home.

Please help this remarkable man get through this difficult time and help him get back his positive attitude. Also to create research and awareness to this growing disease.

I am more then happy to give doners his wife personal contact details and she can provide medical records, photos and any documentation. Please private message me.

Thank you.
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