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Grandparents Need Assistance GoFundME Viral Marketing

My campaign is to help raise money to help my grandparents be able to cover a little of their medical expenses so that they wont have to worry about what bills they will have to go without paying or lack of food to instead cover costs of medication and hospital bills.

My name is Ivy. And my cause is to help my grandparents.
I was pretty much raised by my grandparents James and Linda.
The last couple of years they’ve hit some hard financial times.

About two years ago they got to where they could not afford to pay the lot rent for their home and made an agreement with their landlord that they would be able to stay in the land until they both pass in which case their home that they currently own would become the landlords to with what she pleases. She is a very kind and thoughtful woman.

My grand father has been through triple by pass surgery after two heart attacks. He has had parts of his intestines removed to stop colon cancer from spreading. And has had surgery on his mouth from a type of cancer he had in his lip and currently (and for years) has suffered from skin cancer due to a insecticides used in his younger years of work in the Florida orange groves. He will be 81 this November.

My grandmother just turned 68 this september. She has type 2 diabetes, and has occational seizures from a potassium problem. She has had many surgeries the last 40 years.. Her first being an emergancy Csection with my father (who has abandoned his family going in 7 years now).

Recently their medical insurance went into what is called “the donut hole” where it stops covering the majority of medical costs.

Because of how much they pay out of pocket for their medications (her insulin alone costs her at least $730 a month), and expensive over due hospital bills, they often have to go with out other things they need like food, some bills, and some of my grandfathers medication as well.

I always help with what I can. Mainly with trying to keep food in their home, but it’s not enough I know.

A lot is NOT needed. I’m hoping for enough to help them until they themselves have enough to be stable and not worry about which medications they will have to do without or which bills will have to go unpaid.

If you could help, anything would be appreciated. They mean the world to me, and if something happened to them because they can’t afford their medical needs I would be lost.

Please help and show your support at