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Five years ago my husband and I left Wisconsin for a fresh start after losing our life savings in a business venture with a former professional football player. On the verge of homelessness we were forced from our home, we chose Las Vegas because our housing situation was up in the air and a warmer climate seemed logical. Las Vegas has been difficult for me from day one. Along with my physical disability, I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorders. After months of trying to get into see the doctors I needed, which took months, the doctors in Las Vegas changed my prescriptions that had enabled me to function somewhat normally. I am from a small town thousands of miles from my children and grandchildren. My husband found a job that enabled us to get by pay check to pay check so I continued to fight through my medical issues. When he recently lost his job, my depression and anxiety have begun to spiral out of control again. With a high crime rate, I live in constant fear, I panic at the slightest of household noises.

With no job to keep us in Vegas and no reason to fight through my diagnosed condition here, I must get back to family and the doctors who have treated and controlled my condition so well for so many years. The one thing holding us back from returning to a life of normalcy is that we don’t have the funds to make the move. I need your help so that we can afford to make the move so that I can be seen by the doctors who enabled me to function. God Bless you for any help that you can offer.