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August 3rd my mother’s heart stopped at 6 am. Admitted to center point icu the outlook is grim.

August 5th (my birthday) possible stroke while on ventilator anoxic brain injury confirmed.

August 10th no improvement.

August 20 vent removed breathing on own anxiety kicking in trach considered

August 23 trach and experimental med to help with brain function peg tube inserted.

August 28th my dad gets home from the hospital realized he forgot to pay the lights and gas and can’t afford the back due to balance. They have been shut off.

August 29th no improvement considering hospice to live out final days in no pain. So I’m asking and begging and pleading for help so he can stay with her we can help take care of him while he takes care of her lights gas other things while we wait for the final day. Thank you, everyone.

September 2. No improvement down to about 90ish lbs no signs of improvement even on the experimental amantadine.

Making final decisions soon.

My dad needs to be there at her side, We need your help.