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Just one more day until Puggles gets her stitches out, and options for treatment are discussed. It is also one more day until I have to make some very big decisions about her care and her life. And, my immunity decided to take a hike, so I am a bit under the weather. So your prayers are very important at this time.
Thanks to a Facebook post, I have been contacted by a research company out of Cambridge, England doing a drug trial on dogs with cancer that have had surgery and are going to have chemotherapy. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for Puggles. However, due to there now being two types of cancer, the chemotherapy price has risen to $400-$500 per month for 6-8 months. Radiation would work for the mast cell cancer, but it is $7,000 (and not an option I can even consider due to cost). The trial drug would be covered, but not the cost of the chemotherapy, so I am looking at $4,000. I have already charged $3,300 for the surgery.
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you why Puggles is so important to me and why I am asking for your help. For the one year I was in bed, she never left my side, as I battled through the pain of a very serious injury and some other health issues. I almost died from a staph infection. My Mom was caring for my Dad and unable to leave him to care for me. My neighbor realized I had not been able to leave the bed to get food and needed food, so she fed me for a while. And Puggles…well, she was my angel, my hope, the kisser of many tears, and my reason to keep going. When my back injury would be so painful I could not move and my Interstitial Cystitis flared, she would curl her body into mine to provide the heat needed to ease the pain. She just DID it automatically. And still does that today.
She was in the room with me the moment my Dad died in front of us. She watched over him like a hawk, alerting us when he needed something. Again, she was never trained for this skill. She did not leave the room, as often pets will do when a person dies. She stayed right between my Mom and me at the bedside, watching over my Dad. She was the one thing that held Mom and me together then and now.
These last 9 months, I am still in great pain with my back. I am not able to work at this time. And sadly, the friends and family I thought would be here for us…I haven’t heard a peep from them during this time. But Puggles…she has NEVER left my side.
If Puggles does not get the chemotherapy, she will die within this year I have been told…meaning around the time of my Dad’s death. I am trying to extend her life with the chemotherapy and hopefully the addition of this trial drug. She is so healthy in ALL areas, except for the areas she just had surgery on last Monday. Her blood is not showing cancer at this time, nor are her lymph nodes.
I want to give Puggles a chance.
Without your help, I will not be able to afford this chance. I have applied for grant funding, but have been turned down by every option because funds are no longer available (the organization is closing/has already closed) or funding has already been allocated for 2016. I have also tried dog-related companies…no luck.
❤️So, please consider helping me save Puggles. She means more to me now than ever. She is my sunshine☀️.
If you can spare the cost of one Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte (I used to love those) or some spare change, Puggles and I would greatly appreciate it. It doesn’t take much to make a difference…it just takes people who believe in you. Even the smallest donations add up when many people rally behind a cause.
And if you can’t donate, please SHARE!
I sincerely thank you.
With love,