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A mother’s epic frantic journey in search of her lost daughter, to the lost civilization of the Indus Valley – An untold saga of true love. Follow the enigma Darkarta who is trying to create the ‘Elixir of Life’ using your daughter to resurrect his lost bride.

What sacrifice will you make to save your only daughter from death?

* Explore ‘unforeseen’ environs and original puzzles. Over 5 hr Collector’s Edition premium game play

* Bonus Chapter “Rising of the Phoenix”– Play in ‘god’ mode.

* Prequel Comic Book, Mom’s diary pages, 30 Nostalgic memory collectables,

* 36 Hall of Fame Medals, 28 Morphing Objects, Concepts, Wallpapers and Sound tracks

* Replay Mini Games/HOP/Cut-scenes

* 7 Fantasy Levels and Bonus “Shangri-La” Level