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I’ve done the design and now I need the funds to put these Tee Shirts into production and get them onto the people so we can get the word out into public view.  I call a Tee shirt with graphics a “Silent Salesman” because you don’t need to say anything the shirt says it all.

I know that $7,000 may seem to be a high price I’m asking but the more I can order the lower the price per shirt gets and the lower the price the more people can afford one.

So if you feel the same way I Do that about this Great country of OURS  that a BIG Very BIG mistake at election time was made, maybe it’s time we show them how we feel we as hard working honest Americans. HELP ME GET THE WORD OUT, YOU WON’T EVEN NEED TO SAY A WORD TO ANYONE JUST LET THEM SEE HOW YOU FEEL.  With Your help I can get this project off the ground and put it where it belongs on the backs(actually the fronts because we should be moving forward as a country not being pushed backwards) of the People that make this country Great.

Thank You for your time you spent reading and thinking about this plea and a double “Thank You” if you decide to donate to make this a reality.


With every donation of $15 or more I will issue you a 30% discount on your order once the shirts are printed and offered for sale.

Name will be matched with donation list to receive discount.

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