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Funding for Powerdrive Wheelchair Cerebral Palsy Aid JustGiving Campaign

My wife Helen is 42 years old with cerebral palsy as she is getting older she is finding wheeling her wheelchair is putting strain on her shoulders.This is having an affect on her work and home life and causing pain. If we were able to have the MX2 Smart drive it would take the pressure off Helen’s shoulders as she would no longer need to wheel herself.

Therefore meaning she could do more as she wouldn’t have the pain and fatigue she gets now.

This is what we are trying to buy just so you can see what your donation will go towards can we get these wheels moving #helenswheels

Weʼre raising £4,300 to To enable us to buy my wife who has cerebral palsy this it would make her life so much easier.

Make a difference and Help Helen today!!

Thank you