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Fundable TheGetio Fundable Campaign puts you in the director’s chair for streaming great multi-cam content anywhere and everywhere. No more tough choices selecting a single venue for your streaming content – stream it everywhere at once: Facebook, Youtube, your own web site, internet, cable, broadcast news and entertainment outlets – everywhere! With just your thumbs, so it’s easy and your tech does not distract you from delivering a great show.

Great for social events like parties, for business events like video conferences, or for daily or weekly vlogger content.

Tech advances in small-source streaming video tech have caused an explosion in live streaming venues such as Youtube LIVE, Facebook LIVE, Meerkat, Periscope, and many others. What’s currently impossible is access to larger audiences by streaming live personal or pro content to many destinations at once (simulcast) such as Facebook LIVE and Youtube LIVE, and suitable controls so a small team or individual can easily connect and produce a multi-cam TV event with simple tools. Until now. TheGet enables people to do all of the above from mobile devices using just their thumbs!

How We’re Different – Disruptive

There is already plenty happening to disrupt traditional media. This tech will advance that disruption by further fragmenting traditional TV media markets and transferring viewers to smaller broadcasters that more closely fit their established tastes. Conversely, it will give emerging media talents immense opportunities to get noticed and get their ideas in front of much larger audiences with more professional programming – advancing deserving new talent. Many temp and entry level jobs will be created for contract cam operators and contract TV hosts/hostesses.

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