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For Food Lovers campaign goal is to become the leader in the hospitality food industry, with a strong commitment to enticing our consumers with the best food available.

FHR fits right into the hospitality industry with our strategy for improving the food menus in hotels. We use delicious proven science that increase your taste buds and we've fostered an atmosphere that welcomes "food lover" consumers into our locations with fresh daily implementation of quality ingredients.

How many times have you gone out to eat lunch or dinner and the food was not fresh, hard (dry) or simply wasn't up to your standard? You probably said, I could have stayed home and cooked my meal myself and saved all the money I spent out for the terrible experience.

Why do you think the majority of food you buy at a restaurant or hotel is simply not prepared properly? It's really quite simple, some restaurants and hotels do not use fresh ingredients and / or quality meats including produce.

In the U.S., 48 million people get sick & 3,000 die each year from eating contaminated food. 4 million Canadians fall ill each year resulting in over 11,000 hospitalizations & 240 deaths due to food-borne illness as reported by Dr. Paul Roumeliotis, MDCM, MPH, FRCP, CCPE.

For Food Lovers aim to change this terrible misfortune to your stomach and soul by preparing and developing food with the best freshest ingredients, freshest vegetables, freshest seasonings, freshest meats, freshest poultry, freshest fish and so on...

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