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Fire Relief Fund for Smith Family GoFundME Marketing PR Agency

Our house caught fire a few weeks ago from a fire in our fireplace.Two weeks after the fire nearly everything was still sitting in the house in water and burnt insulation. We found that the entire house was contaminated with Espestos. They said in 20 years they have not seen a situation as rare as this.

The house turned from a fire to a flood to an Espestus contamination which was somehow not seen when we purchased the home just a few years ago. Nearly everything had to be thrown away. We probably won’t be talking numbers until after Christmas. They will be tearing the house “down to the studs”.

I am currently working and taking out students loans to attend school full time. My wife lost her job last year due to complications with her pregnancy. We are living on a joint income of <$39,000.00.

Me, my wife, and our four children Thank you all for your support, love, and prayers through this very difficult time! With this being published on social media I must note that this is not an investment but are donations only. Any donations we receive will not be refunded. Donors have no say in how the donations raised are used.

We exercise the right to spend the funds on what we feel we need.