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As you may or may not be aware Joshua Bailey has been very ill recently and was taken to Dorchester Hospital since being at the hospital his condition has worsened and was flown on sunday morning to Kings College Hospital in London, his mum and sister have not left his side and josh has his bad days and good days joshua is expected to be there until he is better but that wont be for a couple of weeks or longer

joshua's conditions is as followed: Acute Liver Failure and Kidney Failure also he has Water Build Up in his lung , Joshua's heart has enlarged with 3 blood clots within the main arteries in his heart and is not pumping the blood around his body enough , one blood clot in his liver.

The reason for this donation / fundraiser is to support his mum and sister whilst in london and to help joshua when he comes back home.


The consultants in london have found what has caused all the major organ damage it is because Joshua had a virus that enlarged his heart and will need to be transfer to another hospital but cant just yet because his liver is still damaged and is still not working as it should be. Joshua has also had sepsis which is still on going but has been subdued at the moment. Please help in any way you can. Joshua will be staying in hospital abit longer. Joshua is still critical stable at the moment and is awake sometimes.

Lets support josh by having his mum and his sister by his side.

If you have any questions please contact.

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Help Joshua have his family by his bedside and help him after he comes out of hospital.

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