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Need a vehicle to get around & find new job

Hi my name is Alexander, I’m 19, recently I lost my job as well as my car, I used up all my savings in an attempt to repair my car but to no avail.. it was totaled. My family and friends refuse to help me get a new vehicle so I can find a new […]

Support the Nelson Family

House fire in the mist of the holidays family needs help

Legends Of Gondwana

Legends of Gondwana is a Multiplayer RPG with a mythical, ancient story with Science Fiction elements to offer players new experiences and visions for a new world and new legends based on long-forgotten lore.

The Bible (NLV): New Liberal Version

There is no such thing as liberty absence of truth, yet there are so many in the political class claiming to have your best interest at heart while perverting God’s word (truth). According to the Bible, righteousness is a gift granted to us by God by simply believing Him. For what saith the scripture? Abraham […]

In desperate need of help for my children. House fire

In desperate need of help for my children. House fire and forgetful mother (myself) Didn’t pay the insurance.

The Mystery Of Olkbridge Town

The Mystery Of Olkbridge Town is a mystery series aimed to tell the story of this strange town and the teenagers who are desperate to get some answers. But they need to be careful with what they discover, what they keep hidden and who they trust because the drama and secrets lead to something they […]

Amazing Woman Needs Help With Bills

Ashley is a wonderful mom of three great kids. She is going through a contentious divorce and needs to pay her legal fees. She also has some expenses she needs to cover due to one of her kid’s medical conditions. Despite all her stresses, Ashley is an incredibly loving and caring woman who always has […]

Help Jim Fight the “Code of Silence!”

My name is Jim McCurry. I’m a husband and father. I am currently working to save my job as the Director of Security for a maximum security mental health facility. I have been an advocate for both the patients and my female staff members. A group of rouge security staff have engaged in misconduct against […]


Happy Holidays, Welcome to my public service message to promote the National Domestic Violence Hotline number 800.799.SAFE and enjoy my trailer about what happens when evil killers turn you into the evil that you must kill? I invite you to view a free trailer entitled BlackEyes and join me in my quest to create a […]

Reconstructive surgery and Transportation

Reconstructive surgery and Transportation for my daughter who has cerebral palsy and blind, with seizure disorder.