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A Miracle Baby GoFundME Boost

My friends, Ben and Steph Giesbrecht from Ballico, California, have been married for six years. They have been wanting and trying to start a family for the last four now. After three devastating ectopic pregnancies and two life-threatening surgeries for Steph, they were left wondering what the right path would be for them to start […]

It’s Been a Hard Road GoFundME Boost

The picture you see is absolutely terrifying, because that is the cost of life-sustaining medications for a month for me, for HIV. I unfortunately caught it early this year, and it has ruined my whole life. I lost my job, I lost my identity, and I lost my will to live. I don’t want to […]

Bike for transportation GoFundME Boost

Just trying to get a motorcycle for transportation.

Recover Me from Fire Disaster GoFundME Boost

Widow, studying law, house burnt to the ground, 5th. Wheel was damaged, had no fire insurance. The clutch went out on car, looking, for help in purchasing a used 5th wheel and part for car including labor. The extra funds will go towards other things that were lost in fire. I’m raising $3,000. I have […]

Establish The Kingdom Martin Luther King Jr Gransdon GoFundME Boost

I’m the grandson of Martin Luther King Jr. Some people are extorting me and paying businesses to stalk, slander & harass me everywhere I go. I need your help right now!   Thank you. David King–King

Survivors Against Child Sexual Abuse SACSA GoFundME Boost

We are attempting to build, with the help of some courageous people, a nonprofit called Survivors Against Child Sexual Abuse SACSA. WE NEED YOUR HELP! The picture of what it looks like and all services to be provided is in developing stages. You can find us on FB and also if you’d like more information […]

National Ninja League Finals GoFundME Boost

GUESS WHO MADE IT TO THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! I finally made it but I cant do it with out you. Its Jayden, your favorite ninja from San Antonio. In case you haven’t heard I train at JumpFlipLand/Parkour Ninjas, in San Antonio, Tx with Coach Thomas Stillings “The Genie Ninja” from the show American Ninja Warrior. […]

Vince’s Vet Fund GoFundME Booster Viral Exposure Campaign

Vince has been a very healthy cat for every one of his 14 years, but recently has started having trouble with his kidneys. His vet needs to do a lot of diagnostic testing so we know which choices to make for his future. The full abdominal ultrasound alone costs just over $500. I am raising […]

Distortion : A perverse day – Action adventure RPG Kickstarter Booster Campaign

Distortion : A perverse day – Action adventure RPG “Distortion : A perverse day” is, A multi-ending action adventure RPG where you solve various puzzles using unique actions. The game takes you on an interesting and adventurous story of a boy who is seeking to know the truth of his psychic powers. The game progressing […]

Live Healthier Live Sustainably Live Organically Indiegogo Viral Exposure Campaign

Live Healthier, Live Sustainably, Live Organically Everyone should have access to a genuinely new, sustainable method and product to produce food. An exciting new and straightforward method and product to grow densely, abundant and tasty organic vegetables at home in small spaces and containers, which will save you time and money. Global sustainability is now our […]