Fairstreaming.com ViralExposure GoFundME Campaign

Campaign URL or Website URL : https://www.gofundme.com/fairstreamingcom

We are launching a business here in the UK called fairstreaming.com

The business will offer tiered subscriptions including a free subscription for streaming music from top name artists and independent musicians

The site.will pay up to five times more revenue to artists than any other streaming site in opera5and won’t cost any more to subscribe to than any other streaming site.

We aim to reach 100000 active users within the first three months of operation

The free subscription will be advertising supported but no ads will be shown to premium users

Getting this project off the ground is important for the music industry and to show artists and musicians the respect they deserve and the financial reward for their hard work and dedication to music production

The streaming site will be available all over the world and will benefit the listeners just as much as the artists

We need to change the face of the music industry now!


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