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My business, Miena Kay Etc, is 6 years old and strong this year.  I’ve been honored to serve thousands of people (and my community) through art, classes, workshops and transformational healing.

The online world I work in and the type of work which I do is always changing and evolving.  I have been blessed to invest in myself (to give back to my community, friends, and clients) over the years.  Yet, there is always more to learn and more areas to grow.

It is time now for serious business education and development.  Which I am excited about.

I am reaching out to friends, family and anyone who has received from me or has reaped the benefits of my services or being in my life.

I have identified educational programming that will allow me to develop and plan the next level and next three  years of my services.

Will you help me invest in myself?

This programming begins Oct 1, 2018 and I need to have my fee paid in full by then.  Therefore, my campaign funds need to be raised by 9/30/18.

Here is what I can do with this programming:
Design and release new dynamic programming to keep up with what is needed in this world.
Schedule back end marketing, messaging and content all specifically designed and tested for the new and exsisting programming.
Find and make connection to the groups and people who are in most need of my transformational services.
**All while allowing me the free time to continue to offer public events and services, including (but not limited to) my Soul Sister Facebook group and public profiles.  As well as provide break through sessions and other complimentary services (which includes items like free Mini Classes and Webinars).

To thank you, I would love to offer you the following, as a gift from my heart:

*Yes you may submit anonymously.  Please just privately email me your information if you wish to receive the following*

$1-$50: An emailed video message from Amanda
$50-$150: An emailed video message from Amanda and access to the best selling e-book, “From Chaos to Calm.  Be The Center of The Storm.”
$151-$500: An emailed video message from Amanda and The e-course, “Abundant Living.”
$501-$1000: An emailed video message from Amanda and a personal 1:1 video conference session.
$1001-$5000: An emailed video message from Amanda and the best selling course, Magnetizing Magnificent You.
$5000-$12000: An emailed video message from Amanda, the e-book, “From Chaos to Calm”, the e-course, “Abundant Living”, and the best selling course, Magnetizing Magnificent You.

<3 Thank you for gifting me so that my heart’s dreams may come true.  So that I can help humanity make their hearts dreams come true.

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