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eaten by Wells Fartgo foreclosure eviction hyenas GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

December 24, 2016

///*Well it’s over—the end of a long unpleasant trail.*///
I’ve been eaten by the Wells Fartgo foreclosure eviction hyenas.

December 1st was D-Day for me. Thank God I had a “packrat” in my backyard! The hyenas had to to put my stuff in there, so it’s all safe. But their idea of packing was to throw everything into boxes higgledy-piggledy and then throw them in the truck or whatever. This is going to be a horrible mess to clean up.

The PAAD depression has deepened, with so many promises made and then broken, again and again and again. The woman who promised me an apartment and had me sit in her office for 5 days decided on Tuesday the 6th, at about 5:00pm, that she wasn’t going to rent to me after all. She bundled me into a taxi and told the driver to take me wherever I wanted, and never even asked if I had enough money. Tuesday night thru Thursday morning is a pillar-to-post fog. Thursday the 7th my primary doctor finally put me in rehab for 3 weeks until we find a place for me to live. But this is holiday season, and it’s taking more than 3 weeks to find a place to live.

All this is costing way more money than I’ll see for a long time. And I’ve had no physical help or monetary help, only lots of promises and good wishes. But all that certainly doesn’t help me get out of this “Swamp of Despondency” and onto dry land.

*** and now i’ve got to cover:

1.] Money to cover an extra 10 days in rehab because of the holidays.$$$
2.] Money for rental of two “packrats”, and the moving them to my new address.$$$
3.] Money for 1st & last months rent, and security deposit for me and my cat.$$$
4.] Money to hire movers and unpackers to move everything out of the “packrat” and
help sort through and clean up the mess those hyenas made.$$$
5.] Money for a team to connect my washer, dryer, refrigerator and gas stove. $$$
6.] Money for someone to set-up my computer system. $$$
7.] Money for food, supplies, and miscellaneous $$$
8.] Money to get Zantippi out of captivity—if she hasn’t been adopted already.$$$


I’m begging for any amount of coinage this holiday season, so I can cover all of this, and also what I still owe from before.***and may God bless your efforts to help me out of this mess.***