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On Thursday July 20th, 2017 our family was displaced as a fire engulfed our master bedroom. We had an remote control helicopter plugged in when the battery malfunctioned and caught fire. We have 2 children, one male, 10 years old and one female, 12 years old who weren’t home at the time. After the flame was extinguished, the landlord changed the locks and we have been told it is “uninhabitable” and we have been evicted without them following the proper procedures to “evict” We are unable to retrieve our content of the home as the landlord will not answer our phone calls. We now have to find a new place to call home and as we have filed for wrongful eviction and non compliance with the legal laws, we are taking the landlords to court. We are a young family who were only trying to make ends meet and live a lovingly happy life which has now been turned upside down and twisted every which way. We are asking from the bottom of our hearts that you can find it in your hearts to help with the expenses and allow us to get back on our feet.
We, thank you for taking the time to read our story whether you can help or not, please share so we can at least get the story out and hopefully this will not happen to anyone else.