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Disaster relief for Indonesia GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign

Trying to raise money to rebuild homes and schools

Hi where trying to raise money to help the small villages in the mountains in bali that have been deviated by land slides and wash aways there is about 2000 pepole with no homes there is no help from the government here and the people have no money or very little and a lot have lost all that thay had so because we live in bali and live in and aroud these villages we cant do nothing we have already out of owe own pokets started clearing roads and fixing but we need help to start rebuilding homes one home cost about $5000 au to build we would like to build as many new homes as we can and build tham in away that it whant happen again to them we all so need to rebuild 2 school’s so if you can please help use to help them thanks for you support and help