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Desperate to get home to children GoFundME Viral Promo

Desperate family in need to get home to children stranded almost a thousand miles away for almost 5 months.

Hello I am doing this GoFundMe as a last resort. I have prayed and prayed for an answer. Then all of a sudden I heard of GoFundMe program. It was like that was the answer to my prayers, because I had never heard of it before.

WE NEED HELP. WE ARE STRANDED AND HELPLESS. I have never done this type of thing before but we are literally desperate and at the end of our rope. PLEASE PLEASE HELP US. We don’t know what else to do. Any contribution regardless of size will be greatly appreciated. We are desperate to be able to get back to our new home in the south where my grandchildren — my daughter’s children are at and to be able to take care of a couple of very urgent matters.
We have to have a Uhaul truck with a car transport. The car transport is necessary because our vehicle broke down since we have been here. The price of the truck one way from PA to south Ga or Tallahassee will literally almost make you faint.

The truck alone is almost $4,000. Then there are the travel costs. My daughter and I will be the ones driving and our strength is sure not what it was a few years ago, not even a few months ago. We will have to stop at least 2 nights if not 3 when making the trip down. As soon as we get there we have to have our vehicle fixed as the area is very rural. We also immediately have to pay utilities and other expenses that are due to family that was taking care of our children and to ones taking care of pets. We had been sending money for half of the utilities (where the children have been staying) up until a month ago. Also sent money for groceries. Then there was the money needed to cover any expenses the children needed for school, which also included school clothes, however all of that has not been enough. Between sending all of this money down there we have been having to pay utilities here. All of this expense and medical expense has totally exhausted our funds. The whole situation is dire now. This Monday the water will be shut off here and on the 12th the electric will be disconnected.

I will try and start from the beginning. In the middle of April my daughter was bringing me to Pennsylvania as I had to see my cancer doctor for the last time and my kidney specialist. I have been dealing with stage 4 ovarian cancer since 2003 and have had several recurrences of it and a bout with breast cancer during the last 13 years. The last recurrence of the ovarian cancer was the worst. After the major surgery again, I was left with a permanent colostomy and also a permanent neyphrostomy from my right kidney. I pray I don’t sound like I am complaining because I’m not — just stating facts. I am extremely blessed and I thank Heavenly Father and our savior Jesus Christ every single day that I am still alive. Yes I have been very blessed several times and in many ways. I’m extra thankful because he has made it possible for me to be here for my Grandchildren and family.
Anyway back to our story, we also had to come up here to finalize things with our house here in Pennsylvania as it was in the final stages of foreclosure. Just another ordeal. We had been struggling with until we finally had no choice but to give up the battle. We thought seeing the doctors and finalizing everything at the most we would only be here 3 weeks to a month Max. Well here it is almost 5 months later and we are still here and feel stranded because of lack of funds to be able now to get home.

Because of all the stress on both of us, we have literally took turns in and out of the hospital. First, I had a light stroke. That scared both of us. Because six years ago I had a brain anyorisum rupture deep in the front right lobe of my brain. Most people never survive this medical emergency to even get to a hospital. They had to life flight me to hospital in Pittsburgh. They lost me twice during the life flight and got me back. Once at the hospital, it was a blessing that they were able to go into my brain, through the artery at my groin and repair the arteries by putting coils into them. This is a new procedure. Thankfully I had one of the best neurosurgeons in the Northeastern United States operating on me and he had performed this new procedure before. It was like a miracle they were able to do this without cutting through my skull and into my brain. That was only prevented because I had no blockage in my arteries. Once again I was greatly blessed. If they had cut into my brain, with the anorysum as deep as it was, I would have been in a vegetative state. During the time since that happened, I have not had any lasting impairments. However, I was warned that I had to try and stay as calm as possible and to not let my anxiety get out of hand. I had been doing that fairly well I thought. Apparently trying to get the mortgage worked out and struggling to hold onto our home only to have it end up in foreclosure was doing more damage to both of us than we realized. Just pushing to get things to Georgia where family was all at, had taken a greater toll on myself and my daughter than I realized.

Then my daughter started having horrible stomach and intestinal pains to the point I had to rush her to hospital when she started vomiting blood. After several tests they found she had a bleeding ulcer and a bowel blockage. The doctors told us that the ulcer was in the worst possible place it could be. Since a few years earlier she had to have gastric bypass because of serious health problems. Now this ulcer was right in the area where they had reconnected everything. The doctors are saying that majority of bypass patients are having this problem a few years after their surgery. Also bypass patients are having problems with bowel blockages. We have learned there are many other problems that are occurring regularly a few years after bypass surgery and most are sever. One thing which they are saying is the next step for my daughter is a feeding tube, which again is something that many former bypass patients are having to have. At this time I also want to stress to everyone, if you are considering bypass surgery Please do the research. Only have it done if it is a matter of life or death as it became in my daughter’s case. The after effects are very serious and sometimes they result in death.

Please forgive the length, but I have tried to condense the story as much as possible.
Again I stress we are desperate for help to be able to get back to children in Ga and get our vehicle fixed. To do this we have to have the TRUCK, CAR TRANSPORT, FUEL MONEY, AND TRAVEL EXPENSES (which covers food and lodging).


Bless everyone for taking time to read this and sharing it.

May Heavenly Father touch all your lives with many blessings, good health, and wondrous happiness.

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