Corona Virus Mobile Fundrasing Game

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My name is Charlie and I have worked as an event coordinator for over 20 years in New York City. Working in the entertainment space this business thrives on the attendance of large gatherings. Unfortunately, due to this pandemic and the emphasis of social distancing my line of work is in jeopardy of not resuming to its fullest potential anytime soon. 

With that said Restaurants, Nightclubs, Bars, Lounges, Theatres are all in similar situations as their success relies on bringing in as many customers as possible through the doors. With a phased re-opening in the works these industries will suffer for extended periods of time leading to thousands of workers continuing to be unemployed. This includes managers, cooks, servers, bartenders, waitresses, actors, actresses, artists, musicians, djs, producers, promoters, porters, engineers and so forth who are responsible for providing us with various forms of entertainment. 

The money raised will go to assisting with the developmental costs of a mobile game that will help support small businesses while providing the opportunity for workers to fundraise for themselves in a fun, engaging and educational way.  The concept of the game is for a player to make it a full day without contracting the virus. To accomplish this the player must go through a series of different levels where the focus is to find essential items, answer virus related questions and play several games to avoid getting infected. 

It is structured so that everyone involved can benefit.
– Players will be donating to a person in need while earning opportunities to win some fantastic prizes provided by our participating businesses.
– Workers will have an alternative channel of receiving the much needed financial help. 
– Owners will provide discounts and deals to visit their establishment helping to bring them increased revenue. 

Instead of creating a fundraising campaign for myself I feel together, utilizing all our resources, we can spread the message and intentions of this game to surely make a broader impact for our communities. 

I hope you share in my vision and I am dearly grateful for your consideration and generosity. 

Collectively, we can all make a difference!